AU: THG meets HP


they're better off without you

"Ron gasped, staring through the windshield, and Harry looked around just in time to see a branch as thick as a python smash into it. The tree they had hit was attacking them. Its trunk was bent almost double, and its gnarled boughs were pummeling every inch of the car it could reach."

Every day, every hour, this very minute, perhaps, dark forces attempt to penetrate this castle’s walls.

And once Fleur had reached him, Bill did not look as though he had ever met Fenrir Greyback.


Hermione Granger in Half-Blood Prince
↳ You said to us once before that there was time to turn back if we wanted to. We’ve had time, haven’t we?

You dare speak his name… YOU FILTHY HALF-BLOOD!

Mr. Potter… our new celebrity